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Hong Kong's farmland is home to many amphibians and reptiles

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Figure 1

Figure 2

Hong Kong's #farmland is home to many amphibians and reptiles, including the Chinese Skink. On sunny days in spring or summer, you may encounter a sunbathing Chinese skink in open habitats. The juveniles are brightly colored [Figure 1], the body is largely black, with 3 yellow stripes extending head to tail, light spots on the sides, and a light blue tail. Such coloration will disappear as the skinks mature, turning into greyish tan color with reddish spots on the flanks [Figure 2].

Chinese Skinks prefers open habitats in the lowlands, thus it is becoming less common as farmland diminishes. How to effectively incorporate farmland and open rural areas into urban planning and promote conservation under development is an issue worthy of discussion.

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